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Waffle Bus Stop Inc.

Sweet & Savoury Authentic Belgian Waffles

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Our Story

The Waffle Bus first began in 2011 without wheels of any kind! Rather, our waffles were introduced with one waffle iron and a table at the Antigonish Farmer’s Market. As our products gained popularity, we decided to expand our idea by restructuring a 2003 Chevy Step Van into a Waffle Bus! We took our waffles on the road attending festivals, farmer’s markets and special events.  To ensure our customers could obtain our products all year round, in 2015 we opened a brick and mortar in Antigonish called The Waffle Bus Stop. Weathering some ups and down through a pandemic, we were able to open our second location in 2022 located in New Glasgow. The two together and our food trailer allowed us to satisfy folks in both communities as well as throughout the Maritimes. We look forward to many more years of serving waffles to the people! 

Our Waffles

The Liège waffle (from the city of Liège, in eastern Belgium) is the true belgian waffle. It is rich, dense, sweet, and chewy, resembling a pastry in texture and flavor. Chunks of Belgian pearl sugar caramelize on the outside of the waffle when baked, giving it a sweet crunchy coating.The beauty of this waffle is that it can work in both a sweet AND savoury format for breakfast, lunch or supper!

Versatile, unique, satisfying at any meal…


Served in a variety of combinations, these waffles can be paired with a multitude of sweet options. At the same time, and quite surprisingly, the waffles pair amazingly well with savoury items when placed ,sandwich style, inside the waffle. 


Frozen waffles are also available by the ½ dozen or dozen upon request. Just pop them in the toaster and be creative! Top them with your favourite sauces, whipped cream or ice cream.

How we do business

Having begun our business at a small local farmers market, the importance of creating and maintaining sustainable relationships with our local providers has always been one of our highest priorities. Some of those relationships have lasted up to this very day! We love using local ingredients in our waffle creations from meats and veggies to fruits and sauces. 


Second only to our local commitment is our efforts to reduce and minimize our impact on our environment both as community members AND small business owners. To that end, EVERYTHING that leaves our restaurant is packaged in either a recyclable or compostable container. Not to mention our commitment to be as zero waste as possible behind the counter. 

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